About SkyFire Studios

Since 2003, as the leaders in the laser etching field, we continue to blend innovative design and technology, exploring new areas where etching can create an amazing impact for our clients; evoking that sense of awe, of uniqueness and endurance.

Etching in stainless steel

The breadth of our work spans a wonderful variety of applications, materials, shapes and sizes. Custom etchings are being enjoyed by employees, dignitaries, corporate leaders, local heroes and even a NASA astronaut. Some grace the donor recognition walls of community centres, Masonic Halls and Universities. Others adorn the homes of discerning collectors and many are used to commemorate family events.

Outdoor memorial etching in slate

There’s always a sense of excitement in the air.

Our customers enjoy being connected to the design process, creating something so spectacular and yet so personal. We also have the privilege of collaborating with extraordinary designers, architects and fabricators who bring their vision to community projects.

Wood flooring designs

As Laser Etchworks we embarked on a journey to master a technological marvel. As SkyFire Studios we’re progressing this new art form to include limited edition reward series, gallery work and our own line of designs.

We invite you to join us in this remarkable field which has proven to be highly rewarding and so far-reaching.


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